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Ellie's Skydive!

Ellie is set to do a skydive for the charity in August!


Why was the Brain & Spine Foundation your charity of choice?

So I chose the Brain and Spine Foundation because there’s 3 people close to home being affected massively in the areas yourselves focus on. Without going into too much detail my grandad suffered from a stroke in 2009 and is still affected now with regards to speech and mobility and that’s had a massive impact on his day to day activity. 

There’s also another man close to home currently going through chemo treatment for cancer in both the brain and spine and since there’s absolutely nothing I can personally do to help, doing some fundraising for a cause like this will be massively appreciated. 


Why did you choose to do a skydive? 

I chose to do a skydive as it’s something I’ve always wanted to do just always put off, with illnesses such as the above made me realise there’s no point in waiting around and to just go for it, even better for an amazing charity. 


We're looking forward to catching up with Ellie after her skydive!

Here's a link to Ellie's fundraising page