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"At a time when presents are often neither needed, wanted or appreciated, if you could donate anything to the Brain & Spine Foundation today, I can assure you that your donation would make an amazing difference to supporting a vital service. As a patient with serious neurological conditions, I know that the helpline & information services they provide really do make a significant difference to people who feel isolated and uninformed about their conditions."

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"I am so glad you are there. You have relieved me of so many worries and given me so much hope"

'Scamp & Dude's Jo on life after a brain haemorrhage

'Scamp & Dude's Jo on life after a brain haemorrhage

In this revealing and inspiring interview, Jo Tutchener-Sharp talks about surviving a brain haemorrhage three years ago and the hugely positive project that arose from her time in hospital

Will's incredible endurance run

Will's incredible endurance run

At the age of 15, a very active and (by his own admission) stubborn Will Murley was diagnosed with scoliosis. This year Will ran every day for 30 days, before setting off on a huge 30 mile run on the final day – his 30th birthday.

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