Damon Hill is fundraising money for NeuroUK, taking on the l’Étape du Tour, an amateur ride on one of the left of the Tour de France!

Meet Rebecca

“As I look OK, people don’t understand sometimes how difficult I find things and how I can become so overwhelmed so easily. It can be frustrating and lonely, but I now recognise when I feel like this and have accepted it as the new me, who needs to take time out and rest when this happens.”

Meet our founder and President, neurosurgeon Peter Hamlyn

“I would perform whatever surgery was necessary and then discharge my patients back into a system that was totally inadequate to look after their long-term needs. The Brain & Spine Foundation was set up to support people where the system was failing them.”

This year, 15,660 people directly or indirectly received life-changing support from a neuroscience nurse on our helpline. 

Find out more about our achievements with our 2022-2023 Impact Report.