Kevin's story

Hi, my names Kevin, and this is my story… 

I’d say I’m a fun-loving and kind guy, but I’ve been dealing with memory issues. 

My journey with a Brain Injury: 

Once a freelance Enterprise Architect, my life took a turn in August 2010 during a kayaking trip. While having lunch on an island, I decided to do a bit of climbing. Unfortunately, the rock gave way, and I took a 10–20-foot plunge into shallow water. Luckily, my kayaking friends spotted me, pulled me out, and got the coastguard involved. Stornoway Hospital did some initial repairs before airlifting me to Glasgow. There, they did what they could, and after a couple of months, I found myself at Murdostoun Brain Injury Rehabilitation Centre for an 18-month recovery. I left in April 2012, armed with splints and a walking frame. 

Post-accident, my memory, especially since school, took a hit. Day-to-day tasks are a challenge, and walking has become a slower and shorter affair. The need for an external catheter has become part of my routine. I’ve become reliant on my phone, using it to set reminders for pretty much everything I need to do. 

However, I’ve found great support in the Thursday morning Zoom sessions that the Brain and Spine Foundation run and recently I also joined the Scottish Zoom session. I’m also able to be honest and open about my situation with friends and family.  

My advice:  

To anyone starting a journey like mine, my advice is simple: Don’t worry. You can survive and navigate the aftermath of the accident. 

Best wishes,