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Jo Tutchener-Sharp interview

Brain haemorrhage survivor, 'Scamp & Dude' founder, and proud mother of two Jo Tutchener-Sharp talks about the life-changing incident she went through in 2015 and the hugely positive project that arose from her time in hospital

With a highly successful background in fashion and beauty, Jo Tutchener-Sharp directed campaigns and managed events for leading fashion brands and award ceremonies. She founded the global fashion PR agency 'Beauty Seen' in 2007.

Jo's life was put on hold in October 2015 after she suffered a brain haemorrhage. She was forced to leave her two children as she underwent life-threatening brain surgery followed by a lengthy stay in hospital.

During her recovery, Jo went on to set up the children's fashion company 'Scamp & Dude', a clothing line featuring superhero motifs which help young people feel more secure when apart from their loved ones.

In this interview, Jo speaks about surviving her brain haemorrhage and how it gave her a "fire in her belly" to create something light from something dark.

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