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Living with a neurological condition can be challenging and Coronavirus has made the situation much more difficult. We are here to help.

Recently, there has been a lot of information in the media about different Coronavirus vaccines. Our Neuro community has been asking questions about the vaccine via the helpline, social media and peer support. We wish to provide guidance and clarification at your individual level.

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"I am so glad you are there. You have relieved me of so many worries and given me so much hope"

'Scamp & Dude's Jo on life after a brain haemorrhage

'Scamp & Dude's Jo on life after a brain haemorrhage

In this revealing and inspiring interview, Jo Tutchener-Sharp talks about surviving a brain haemorrhage three years ago and the hugely positive project that arose from her time in hospital

Will's incredible endurance run

Will's incredible endurance run

At the age of 15, a very active and (by his own admission) stubborn Will Murley was diagnosed with scoliosis. This year Will ran every day for 30 days, before setting off on a huge 30 mile run on the final day – his 30th birthday.

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