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Online support groups

Our online communities are a great way for people affected by neurological problems to interact, share their experiences and provide mutual support

Connect with people on Facebook

The Brain & Spine Foundation has set up Facebook groups for people affected by Chiari malformations and subarachnoid haemorrhage.

The group has been indeed helpful to me. In fact, it has been the most help I have received since I had my subarachnoid haemorrhage in 2011.

Member of our 'Subarachnoid Haemorrhage - A Space for You' Facebook group

These groups are a great way for people to interact, share their stories and provide mutual support. They are also a useful tool for people wanting to alleviate the stress and anxiety associated with neurological health problems. Talking to those with similar experiences can help people better understand their condition and can let individuals know that they are not alone.


Neuro Social: Online groups for people living with neurological problems

Our Neuro Social groups are on Thursdays at 11 o’clock, and are a safe and friendly space to meet others, give support and get support. Living with a neurological problem can be a lonely and difficult experience. We believe that sharing your experiences and the strategies that work for you, can help you feel more positive and less alone.

For now, we are bringing people together using Zoom. When you sign up, we’ll send you some instructions to get you up and running, along with some basic ground rules. 

Our weekly chats are led by an experienced staff member or volunteer. If you are aged 18 or over and would like to join then please fill out the form below. Or if you would like to know more about how it works, please contact us on