Creative Online Sessions

Extended Landscapes

Join us for our creative session where we will be exploring ‘Extended Landscapes’. This is an informal session where you can bring art materials of your choice and have fun creating with others. You do not need to be an artist or creative to take part, just a willingness to have a go and to try something new!

Date: Tuesday 28th November
Time: 10:30am – 12:00pm
Sessions via Zoom 

We will be working with an image of a landscape and using this as a base for creating our own artwork. We will explain more about what you need to bring when you have signed up, but we try to keep materials simple and to things that you can find at home or for minimal cost.

This session will be led by our Arts Counsellor Kate Hasted and our Neuro Creatives Volunteer Sarah.

If you wish to have more info, please email [email protected]

A few words from our group facilitators

A few words from Kate:

Hi I am Kate, I am a BACP qualified Arts Counsellor, specialising in working with groups and those living with long term conditions. At the Brain and Spine Foundation I coordinate the creative projects and peer support groups. In 2022 I set up our online creative programme ‘Neuro Creatives’ where I enjoy bringing creativity to the BSF community and working alongside our wonderful volunteers to develop inspiring creative sessions.

I am also a practising textile artist, with a degree in printed textile design. I love working with colour and am currently exploring using natural dyes for my textiles. I am inspired by nature and in learning new techniques to use in my own work or to share with others in creative sessions. I have worked for many years within the charity sector on creative community projects, managing peer support services and supporting people to live independently. I am passionate about how the arts and creativity can enable positive wellbeing and I am keen to inspire this in others. I am looking forward to meeting you in our Extended Landscape session!

A few words from Sarah: 

Hi I’m Sarah and I’m 47 years old. I live in North Somerset and was 44 when I had my stroke. I have Lateral Medullary Syndrome which is the result of a tear in my brain stem. I have no temperature gauge or feeling on my left side yet my right side is the weaker. I’m a bit of a harlequin. I was at work; as a full time primary school teacher when my stroke happened and it literally came out of the blue. The medics still have no idea why it happened! Unfortunately, I have been unable to go back to work and now try to fill my time with little things that I can cope with. Thankfully  I have been able to articulate myself pretty well throughout and my dexterity on the whole is good meaning I can still do some of the things I love. This being craft work. I have my own ‘She-Shed’ and it is in here that I create pieces of fused glass. I will give anything a go and have created pieces such as mirrors out of scrap glass and Christmas themed decorations and stand alone decorative waves. 

I became involved with the Brain & Spine Foundation through searching for stroke groups. I had heard of the BSF many years ago when my father was diagnosed with a brain tumour and when I found them again saw that they were advertising online group activities. I was very nervous logging on for he first time but once I had met the others in the group felt safe, secure and accepted. I have now been involved in group sessions for about 2 years and when Kate approached me asking to help as a volunteer to create some sessions I was thrilled. It gave me the feeling that I could offer to give something back. I couldn’t teach any longer but I could support. The group really has been a lifeline; a me-time space. I feel this and as I have gotten to know the other members this feeling is reciprocated. We respect each other and are supportive and know that there are no judgements. We’re all suffering differently but for our hour and a half together this is forgotten as we come together doing the thing we love; crafting!