Our supporter commitment

We need your help to raise funds, so we can continue to keep our life-changing services running and support people affected by neurological conditions.

What we do matters to you, but how we do it matters too. That is why we make this commitment to you and to all our supporters. We make this commitment to you in addition to the Fundraising Regulator’s Fundraising Promise, which we will also follow.

We will treat you with respect
We will be polite whenever we speak to you. We will not pressurise you. We will stop asking when it is clear you do not want to donate. We will respect your privacy. We will not ask for donations from supporters who are confused about who we are, or about what we do. We will follow the Institute of Fundraising’s guidance on people in vulnerable circumstances. From time to time we may write to you to tell you about our work. We won’t call or mail you too often. At the start of each call, we will check that you want to talk to us, and you can contact us at any time if you decide you prefer to stop hearing from us.

We will be honest and open
We will tell the truth and we will not exaggerate. We will do what we say we are going to do with donations we receive. Where we ask a third party to fundraise on our behalf, we will make this relationship and the financial arrangement transparent.

We will commit to high standards
We will adhere to the Code of Fundraising Practice set by the Fundraising Regulator. We will comply with charity law and fundraising law. We will monitor our fundraisers, volunteers and any third parties that work for us to ensure that they adhere to our high standards in fundraising.

We will let you know the difference you are making
We will make it easy for you to see where your money goes; how much money is spent on the hospital and how much is spent on fundraising and running costs. That way you will know your donation is making a difference. This information is available in our annual accounts and Trustee report. We may write to you or email you from time to time with news about how your support is benefitting people affected by neurological conditions.

We will communicate with you based on your wishes
We will ask all supporters how they want to hear from us about our work. If you want to stop hearing from us, just write, phone, email, or click on the ‘Unsubscribe’ link in our emails. We will always take action so do get in touch with us.

We will protect your data
We will keep your personal information secure and will only use it to communicate with you, to process orders and donations, to keep you informed, for analysis and to improve our activities. Full details of how we process personal data is set out in our Privacy Policy.

We will take complaints seriously
We will consider all your feedback carefully, both compliments and complaints. We get very few complaints, but we take every one we receive seriously. We will get in contact with you quickly to investigate and aim to resolve your complaint within 20 days.

If you have any thoughts about our commitment to you, please let us know.