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Head injury

Read or download our booklet that provides information on head injury and concussion in adults

Our publications are designed as guides for people affected by brain and spine conditions, their families and carers. We aim to reduce uncertainty and anxiety by providing clear, concise, accurate and helpful information, and by answering the common questions that people ask. Our publications are evidence-based and account for current best practice guidelines and standards of care.

This booklet provides information on head injury and concussion in adults. It provides information on:

  • Minor head injuries
  • Moderate to severe injuries
  • Tests and investigations you might need
  • Possible treatments that might help
  • Recovery and rehabilitation
  • Returning to everyday activities.

Sources of further support and information are listed in the Useful Contacts section at the end of the booklet.

Our Helpline team are also here to answer your questions and provide practical and emotional support. Call 0808 808 1000.



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What is a head injury?

What is a head injury? This short animation discusses the different types of head injury and possible after-effects. The script is based on our Information Standard accredited booklet.

Understanding head injury

A short film with the personal perspective of Allen Stevens, who suffered a head injury in 1987 and experiences its long term effects. Experts Alice Kershberg (Neurotrauma Clinical Nurse Specialist) and Chris Uff (Consultant Neurosurgeon) provide a medical analysis of moderate to severe head injuries.

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