A self-help group for those living with neurological conditions around Bristol, North Somerset & South Gloucestershire.

Bio on Tanmay, Group Coordinator & Ambassador at the Brain & Spine Foundation

Hi everyone!

I’m Tanmay, a student at the University of Bristol. I am currently studying Neuroscience, which is what sparked my interest in understanding neurological disorders, and the impact they have. I have been an ambassador for the Brain and Spine Foundation in October 2023 and I have met some amazing people and heard some amazing stories since.

My goals as an ambassador are:

-To bring more awareness to neurological diseases within the youth and student populations

-To try and inform those involved in the B&S Foundation of new updates in the scientific world surrounding neurological disease

-To support my local community by encouraging conversation around these topics.

Outside of the foundation, I am a keen sportsman, with most of my week dedicated to cricket and the gym!  I can often be found trying something new, whether it is exploring religion, or trying my hand at photography.

Day and time to run the group


Why am I running this self-help group?

I am running this self-help group as I want to create a platform to support those with neurological diseases in the South-West of England. I cannot wait to give people the opportunity to share their stories and create a supporting environment.
This group is an opportunity for those with neurological disorders to spend some time with others in a similar position, understand everyone’s background, and support each other in a light-hearted and relaxed setting.