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Lizzie's story

Life after a brain injury

In 2011, I had a life-threatening/ life-changing subarachnoid haemorrhage and stroke aged 46.  It left me paralysed, mostly blind, with a host of health issues and disabilities.  I had to fight for any rehab and life was so hard that at times I really wished I hadn’t survived and that my GCS3 and less than 10% chance of survival had just taken me then.

For 7 years life was hell, until an angel came into my life who was a Brain Injury Case Manager who nurtured me, cared for me, supported me in a way I had not experienced from anyone since my stroke.  She knew what rehab and treatment I needed. Together, we worked on getting me as well as I could with the stuff that built me up not knocked me down.  The holistic, the yoga, the mindfulness, my painting, learning piano, and languages. Increasing my charitable commitments so I could share my experiences with others in an attempt to make things better for them, and use my passion for public speaking to good effect.  

Coming off 30 pills a day, over 900 a month was one of the biggest life-enhancing things I did.  I went from being an opiate-dazed zombie fumbling through my days in chronic pain, to getting a life back that I had long thought had gone when I had my stroke.  Yes I’m still blind, I still have chronic fatigue pain and  health problems but by removing the negative toxic influences in my life and finding hope again, my life has changed more in 18 months than it did in the previous 8 years. 

Life is a gift, and I intend to live each day with joy and positivity as I’ve been blessed with another chance, so I will live it to the full.