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Kavita's story

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Kavita, for Mental Health Awareness Week 2020

Its Mental Health awareness week and I wanted to share this quote, taken from my Book Room 23 surviving a brain hemorrhage. Isolation is what most of us are experiencing right now and this can cause huge Anxiety for anyone. Although, for someone with a neurological condition, this can sometimes lead into a downward spiral, if we don’t recognise it and take hold of it in time. My life completely changed after I suffered my subarachnoid brain hemorrhage, especially my anxiety, as it became so heightened that sometimes I would panic over the smallest thing which even my family didn’t understand. At times during my isolation days after leaving hospital, it was so difficult that I felt like the panic would take over and I couldn’t even breath. However, over the last 5 years I have learned so much from seeing my neuropsychologist and this has heled me and my family understand my triggers and then my calm. I spend more time now doing things I enjoy, as I love to draw, paint, do yoga and best of all meditate for a few mins everyday. When that trigger starts to bubble up, I try and remove myself from the situation by sitting outdoors, go for a walk or listen to some easy listening music – usually Jazz! During this current climate of Covid 19, I have used these tools that I have learned to help me and my family through these isolation days and it has made me a happier, calmer me because of this. Through my Book and social media channels I can only share how I help myself in these times in the hope that this can help others.

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