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Sovereign Capital 565 Fundraising Challenge

Sovereign Capital's brilliant fundraising efforts!

What was the 565 Challenge?

The Sovereign Team created the 565 Challenge to support three charities which are in urgent need at this time: The Brain & Spine Foundation / SeeAbility / The Zoological Society of London.

Through the 565 Challenge, the team were collectively looking to cover 565 miles - or Beyond - by walking, running, cycling OR travelling by any non-motorised means… during 15-22 June 2020.


Why 565 miles?

The team wanted to do something that connected ‘distance and tenacity’, to reflect both the spirit of the London marathon which the charities rely on, and the capabilities of the penguin, our emblem, which can certainly go the distance on land and sea. Emperor penguins can dive as deep as 565 metres - deeper than any other bird!



Team members endeavours included:

-One cycle to Brighton and back - 246km

-Darts: At 800 sets of 3 darts = 2,400 throws @ 2.36m per throw = 5.66km to the total 47197 scored at a 3 dart average just shy of 59... you are officially - THE PENGUINATOR

-Running from the Oval to Lords - in full cricket kit - the equivalent of the highest test match innings (400 by Brian Lara in 2004). At 22 yards each it's the equivalent of 8,800 yards or 8km.

-A team of three - The Penguinettes - walking and running in their different parts of London.

-A penguin on a rowing machine, the room kitted out as the arctic!

-A space hopper dash!



Watch their brilliant video here and hear from our CEO Marc





The team ended up collectively making up 2141.77 miles! They raised an INCREDIBLE amount of money and we're so grateful.

We loved the idea Sovereign Capital, thank you to everyone who took part and supported us!