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Liz from Follies, Face and Body Art Free Spooky Painty Jam Day with Waffles!

The title says it all really! Follies were celebrating 30 years in the face painting business! This event raised money and awareness for the charity.


The Spooky Halloween waffle event took place at Dragon Coworking in Rochester.

Anytime Liz has an event she supports the Brain and Spine Foundation, who helped her dear dad so many years ago.


We had over 140 people attend over the day to help us celebrate 30 fabulous years of face and body painting and teaching these amazing skills in industry....


The event breakdown


Morning classes (paid) including SFX, Eye Designs with One Strokes, Glitter Body Art and 3d Body Art Prosthetic Designs.

Casualty and SFX with Leonie Dack- Learn how to apply casually effects for your Halloween bookings

Eye Designs with One Strokes Clare Jeffrey- Beautiful fast designs for your working faces using one stroke paints  

Glitter Body Art - Liz Bylett- The queen of glitter show you how to utilise effects on the body to create some awesome sparkly looks for festivals and events

How to make 3d Effects for your face and Body Art - Angela Youngs- Fresh from competing in Korea, Angela shares with you her innate style of Artistry in this class. 

Raffle and donations - Specifically to raise money for the Brain and Spine Foundation.

Watch the demos - Update your Halloween Portfolio- Painty Jam with your chums, Eat Spooky waffles and drink prosecco!

Finale our Halloween Catwalk Show!


It was our 30th birthday party! 30 years in business!



The event was a great success and we are so grateful to be supported by everyone at Follies!

With Halloween coming up, you can take some tips from this event and help support the Brain and Spine Foundation in a spooky way!!!