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Andrew and Tristan's story

Andrew survived a subarachnoid haemorrhage in 1993. In 2016 he ran the Royal Parks Half Marathon with his son in aid of the Brain & Spine Foundation

This story was first uploaded to our website in 2016

Andrew Lloyd and his son Tristan will be taking part in the 2016 Royal Parks Foundation Half Marathonon Sunday 9th October. Andrew survived a subarachnoid haemorrhage in June 1993 and then in June 2015 was the recipient of a live kidney donor transplant operation. To give something back, Andrew and Tristan (who has inherited Polycystic Kidney Disease), will be raising money for the Brain & Spine Foundation and the Renal Transplant Surgery Fund & Renal Diseases Research Fund at Barts Charity respectively. We asked Andrew a few questions...

When and where did you first hear about the Brain & Spine Foundation?

I ran my first event for the Brain & Spine Foundation in 2001 when I took part in the London Marathon. Painful but rewarding! I then ran two more in Paris and Amsterdam over the next two years, so it started a trend. 

What prompted you to support the charity?

I received brilliant treatment from the NHS National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, Queen’s Square, who saved my life after a Subarachnoid Haemorrhage in June 1993 (Cause related to Polycystic Kidney Disease). In 2001 I saw an article in the sports page of The Daily Telegraph that backed the Brain & Spine Foundation calling out for unfit people like me (at the time)!

Andrew & Tristan ran the Royal Parks Half Marathon in 2016 in aid of the Brain & Spine Foundation

The Brain & Spine Foundation is hugely important. When in hospital I witnessed several long-term patients whose resilience and pragmatism in the face of what appeared to be lifelong trauma could only be enhanced further by breakthroughs in newly researched techniques to improve their physical and mental suffering. I am very much one of the lucky ones and I feel for those who have not been as lucky but whose inner strengths amaze me.

How are you finding training for your challenge?

Self-disciplined and self-trained. Up to 7 miles now and feeling good. But not about to break any records! 

Why did you decide to enter the Royal Parks Foundation Half Marathon?

I’m not too eager to repeat a full marathon now, having run 3 in the past - London, Paris and Amsterdam. I’m not a natural runner either, so time is not that important, although running with my son does introduce a slight competitiveness. The Royal Parks Half course looks great. My sister-in-law ran it a few years ago and being a spectator (weakened by kidney disease) did make me wish I could take part. Now fitted with my new kidney, I’ve been able to restart training after 6 years and really looking forward to it. Tristan and I made a deal prior to kidney transplant surgery that we would run a half marathon in 2016 and help to raise sponsorship for relevant charities, if surgery was successful. So I have no choice but to deliver, nor does he for that matter, but he’s keen as this will be his first half marathon!