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Amy and Lucinda’s wedding gift, in memory of William

Amy and Lucinda have chosen to honour the memory of their brother William through continuing his support for the Brain & Spine Foundation. This is their story.

Our lives changed forever on the 18th May 2017.

At the young age of 25, Lucinda’s brother William passed away after a short battle with an aggressive grade 4 glioblastoma tumour that started on his spinal cord and finally moved into his brain. Whilst he was honourably fighting the tumour in hospital, he expressed an interest in the Brain & Spine Foundation after researching charities that supported others in a similar situation to him.

William wanted to help others like himself, and asked a family member to raise money for the foundation in a charity walk. From that day on Lucinda and I, along with our friends and family, have gone on to raise over £12,000 for Brain & Spine Foundation in William’s honour.

To name a few of our fundraising achievements:

- Just 11 days after William passed away, I completed a ‘Beat the Pro’ competition at Maidenhead Golf Club, where I work as the Assistant Professional, raising an incredible £1150

- Lucinda, our ‘Best Man’ and I completed a gruelling full Tough Mudder challenge, again raising over £1000

- Further fundraising events such as walks, charity tables and auctions have raised over £10,000 in William’s name

The most significant part of this fundraising journey for us was when the Brain & Spine Foundation was a part of our Wedding Day back on the 15th August 2018

We wanted to give our guests a wedding favour that meant something special to us both, so we approached the charity with the idea and they could not have been more supportive. Although this had never been done before, BSF team members Charlotte and Aaron designed our ‘Favour Cards’, explaining to our guests that a donation had been made in their names. These cards were the feature of our place settings and told our story without needing words. They held a significant importance to many people in the room; the Brain & Spine Foundation has played a key role in the family’s recovery from William’s passing as we know we are supporting others in a similar situation to our own. Every time we think of the charity it will always make us feel one step closer to William, which for myself and Lucinda was one of the most important memories of our Wedding Day.

The charity itself have gone above and beyond to support our journey with the little touches, whether it being an email, thank you note or a card to mark a special occasion. They have been there to offer support even when we didn’t realise we needed it and will continue to be a charity close to our hearts.

- Amy

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