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A Sober October in aid of BSF

5 years ago Carolyn Turner underwent surgery to remove a tumour from her spine. The Brain & Spine Foundation were able to offer Carolyn information and support during her recovery and she has since become a Community Ambassador for our charity. This month Carolyn has given up alcohol to raise funds for others affected by neurological problems.

Tales from the racetrack

Community Ambassador Gavin Tovey talks about why he supports the Brain & Spine Foundation and brings you a report from the Prudential RideLondon cycling race 2018

Jo Tutchener-Sharp interview

Brain haemorrhage survivor, 'Scamp & Dude' founder, and proud mother of two Jo Tutchener-Sharp talks about the life-changing incident she went through in 2015 and the hugely positive project that arose from her time in hospital

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