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Asha's story

Thank you for offering me an opportunity to share my trauma and pain with others who understand.

It was on December 6th 2013 that I slipped and fell down a staircase with 25 steps in the police commissioner’s office. I had intense pain and cried my heart out. After about 20 minutes I was helped out of the office and I found I could walk.

I went to the hospital and the doctors in the emergency ward treated my foot sprain and although my BP was 200/110 they didn’t investigate further. I tried telling them about my back pain but they brushed it aside saying it would go away.

During the next year (2014) I found I developed intense pain on the left side alone whenever I walked for long and the pain radiated down my left leg.

In February 2015 after I walked for about 2 hours and lifted some weight I found I couldn’t get up from the sitting position and I couldn’t breathe too.

This time I was taken to a different hospital and intravenous painkillers were administered but to no avail. Finally I went to one of the best hospitals here in India and consulted the senior orthopaedist who ordered an MRI that showed fractures of vertebrae and impingement of spinal cord nerves and pressure on the spinal cord. I was advised surgery. Decompression surgery to be more specific, but I opted for medicine and I am currently taking medication for the sciatic pain and low back pain.

Some days are terrible, some not so bad but my fear of paralysis (partial/complete) prevents me from considering surgery.

Thank you to the Brain & Spine Foundation for giving me a platform to voice my pain and an opportunity to share my suffering with fellow brethren.

Warm regards

Asha Kannan