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Lisa & our Spinal Tumour booklet

Lisa recently got in touch about our Spinal Tumour booklet and how it positively impacted her at her time of diagnosis.



‘I had been in pain for over a year and a half when I was told I had a spinal tumour; the diagnosis was a shock. Amidst all the uncertainty my husband and I resisted the (strong) urge to look up spinal tumours online - it wasn’t easy! We did however look for a reputable source of information; we found the Brain & Spine Foundation’s website and their online booklet on spinal tumours. Even though we didn’t yet know much about the specifics of my tumour, the booklet helped us to understand more about the spine, the different types of spinal tumours and the possible treatment options. We also learnt that primary spinal tumours are rare, and that nothing I’d done had caused it or could’ve prevented it. It was very reassuring to have reliable information to hand while waiting for my treatment plan. Following urgent surgery to remove the tumour, my spinal tumour nurse gave me a printed copy of the same booklet; reading it with new knowledge about my tumour helped me understand it further. It was also useful when I was explaining the situation to my family. Thank you to the Brain & Spine Foundation for the excellent resource.’


It is always great to hear feedback about our booklets, thank you Lisa. If you have any feedback about our booklets and how they have supported you, please don't hesitate to get in touch.