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BHSF take part in You're On Mute

Brain & Spine Foundation corporate partner, BHSF, share their experience taking part in our sponsored silence event, You're on Mute.

Brain & Spine Foundation corporate partner, BHSF, took part in our sponsored silence event, You're On Mute, last month. They've shared their experience with us and encourage other companies to take part to support people living with neurological conditions.

Written by Dearvla Gorman, Internal Communications Executive at BHSF:

"On Friday 30 April at 3pm, BHSF went silent. Meetings were cancelled, telephones were set to ‘do not disturb’ and our internal messaging platform was hushed.

We were “on mute”, participating in a sponsored silence for the Brain & Spine Foundation, and using joint quiet time to raise awareness and funds for people suffering from neurological illnesses.

The “You’re on Mute” campaign was championed through the business by our CSR committee, and was fully supported by our Executive and Senior Management Teams, who took the team to speak with the committee to ensure as many of our colleagues could participate as possible. We closed down our Helpdesk phone lines for an hour, we cleared time in our clinicians diaries where possible, and some teams did their silence in shifts so that workloads were covered.

During the actual silence, many of our colleagues reported feeling more relaxed afterwards, as they had had less interruptions and were able to carry out their quiet work. Some teams went even further and went “on mute” for a number of hours as they enjoyed the time so much, reporting that it “felt like a gift” to not answer the phone right away or jump to that instant message within seconds.

It is safe to say that not only was this a successful fundraiser in that it raised awareness and funds, but that it was a unique and enjoyable fundraiser. And one that gave back to our colleagues too."

Huge thanks to BHSF, who have raised a fantastic £1,000 for the Brain & Spine Foundation. Their donation will ensure that we can continue to support anyone affected by neurological conditions through our Helpline, Peer Support Groups and Information booklets

You and your colleagues can join hundreds of people across the UK and take part in our sponsored silence on Friday 18 June 2021. Together, let’s block out our Outlook calendars, enjoy uninterrupted focus time and raise funds through silence. 
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