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Exploring resilience in families affected by parental brain injury

Have you, your spouse or partner had a brain injury (including traumatic brain injury, stroke, subarachnoid haemorrhage, ruptured AVM or cavernoma or encephalitis)?
Do you have children between the ages of 8-18?

If so, you might be able to take part in a family research study. 

The study explores how families support children’s resilience when one of their parents has suffered a brain injury due to an accident or a stroke.

It can be very difficult for the whole family when a parent of school-age children has a brain injury or stroke. In these occasions, some children may struggle with their mental health and well-being. Not much is known about what type of professional support can help; nor are there many services in the UK catering to the needs of families in this situation.

Despite the many challenges posed by a parental brain injury, some families find ways to cope and help children develop to their best potential: that is to be resilient or bounce back from hard times.

The study aims to find out what children think helps them to be resilient. 

The research would involve the whole family in interview sessions at their home or at another location. 

The focus of the research is on the positive things you and your children are already doing to deal with these challenges. 

It is hoped that this research will inform improvements in the support that is offered to families after brain injury, including stroke. The research has been approved and is sponsored by the University of Brighton.

The researcher, John Ling, is a specialist nurse who works with people affected by brain injuries.

If you would like to know more please contact John at:


07903 521 757