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Providing expert support to people affected by neurological problems

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A neurologist is a medical doctor who does not perform operations but specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of people with neurological conditions such as multiple sclerosis, dystonia and headache.

How do I see a neurologist?

If you are admitted to hospital in an emergency, for example if you have meningitis, you may see a neurologist as part of your tests and investigations on admission.  You may also have follow-up appointments afterwards to check your progress.

If it is not an emergency, and your GP feels your condition needs further investigation by a neurologist, he or she will refer you.

Not every hospital has a neurologist. Occasionally neurologists make regular visits and hold clinics in local hospitals, however, if you require further specialist investigations it is likely you will have to go you nearest neurological unit.

See our UK map to find your nearest neurological unit