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A to Z of neurological topics

In this section we feature information on a number of tests, treatments and conditions, with links for more information either within this website or on external sites where possible. If you can't find what you're looking for, you may wish to speak with one of our Helpline team who may be able to answer your questions. Send an email to [email protected] or call free on 0808 808 1000.

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    Vascular malformations of the brain


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    A blood vessel that carries deoxygenated blood from the body back towards the heart.



    A ventricle is a fluid filled chamber. In the body there are ventricles within the brain and heart. In the brain, the ventricles are where cerebrospinal fluid is made.


    (plural vertebrae)


    The small, irregular shaped bones that make up the spine.



    The sensation that you, or the environment around you, is moving or spinning. It is sometimes described as dizziness or a feeling of unsteadiness, although these sensations can be distinct and different from vertigo.

    Vestibular neuritis


    An infection of the vestibular nerve in the inner ear, which can cause dizziness and balance problems.


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    Vestibular rehabilitation exercises


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