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Organise your own event

Do fundraising your way - organise an event at work or in your local community in aid of our charity

Thank you for your interest in raising money in aid of the Brain & Spine Foundation!

Quiz night, gala dinner, bake sale.. whatever your idea is just get in touch and we can support you. If you're struggling to think of something why not download our top fundraising ideas document or get in touch with the team? Call our events and community fundraising team on 020 3096 7880 or email [email protected].

Download our fundraising pack here!

Fundraising resources

We will help you any way we can. We have lots of resources including t-shirts, collection tins, buckets, posters and balloons and we can give you tips and advice on how to fundraise.  Just call Grace on 020 3096 7880 or email [email protected]

Online fundraising

Online fundraising pages such as Just Giving make it easy for people to give. All you do is create your own page, email it to all your friends to ask them to donate.

Plus, online donations from UK taxpayers collect Gift Aid.

By creating your own online sponsor page you can:

  • Easily tell people that you are fundraising and ask them to donate
  • Share your motivation with a personal message and photo
  • Update your target amount as often as you like and watch it grow 
  • Get Gift Aid added to donations automatically

Questions about fundraising?

We can answer them! Click below to email our team or call 020 3096 7880 to speak to Grace!

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