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Neuro Changemakers aims and outcomes

Neuro Changemakers operates on four levels – Individual, Community, Systems, Society – to drive transformational change for everyone in the UK affected by a neurological condition. Everything we do is based on listening to you. The aims and outcomes for people living with a neurological condition, and their family and carers are outlined below: 

Your individual outcomes
Aim 1: Dramatically improve your quality of life 1. Report improved levels of self-confidence and self-worth
2. Feel that your daily reality and lived experience is recognised, used, and valued as a form of expertise, insight, and learning
3. Report increased levels of hope and optimism
4. Value the access to Brain and Spine Foundation's free, professional services
Your shared community outcomes
Aim 2: Enable self-help and peer support networks 1. Feel part of a community that understands and respects you
2. Reduce loneliness and isolation
3. To understand better how to access local public services
4. Feel that your experiences, needs and preferences are valid; and express and use them more in shaping your care
System outcomes (Health & Social care)
Aim 3: Dramatically improve treatment and care 1. The community is motivated to campaign for change
2. Person-centred design shapes service delivery in health and social care 
3. Improved waiting times are enshrined in health and care performance standards
4. Specialist neurology hubs established in all major UK hospitals
Society outcomes
Aim 4: Neuro is recognised as a serious public health issue  1. People affected by neurological conditions report less stigma and discrimination
 2. You have power, and your voice is listened to
 3. Employers and public places make reasonable adjustments for people affected by neurological conditions
4. A National Plan for Neurology is in place by 2024


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