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Ways to connect and things to do

Suggestions and ideas for how you can keep in touch with those close to you and how you can continue to be a part of your community while staying at home

Staying in touch

Connecting with other people and maintaining our relationships is important to our mental wellbeing.

Whether it's people you usually see often, or connecting with old friends, talking and engaging with others can help you to continue to feel part of a community and to enjoy the things you love.

You can keep in touch with friends and family while you are staying at home by phone, messaging, video calls or social media.

You might also want to think about finding a new community to join, where you can make new friends, get inspired and chat about the things you care about.

Below are some different ways to stay in touch and places where you can find new communities online:



WhatsApp - an app for smartphones that allows you to message, voice-chat and video-call

Google Hangouts - Google's web-chat platform that allows you to message, voice-chat and video-call with up to 10 people

HouseParty - a video-chat service that allows groups of friends to connect and spend time together online

COVID-19 Mutual Aid UK - a website set up by group of volunteers supporting local community groups organising mutual aid throughout the covid-19 outbreak in the UK

NextDoor - an online hub for neighbourhoods, where people can make new connections and exchange information and services

HealthUnlocked - a social network for health where people can share experiences and connect with others with the same health condition

  • Positive Wellbeing - the Positive Wellbeing During Self-Isolation community on HealthUnlocked provides a supportive environment for anyone having to isolate in any way during these strange times


Things to do while staying at home

Keeping your mind active and finding ways to spend and enjoy your time will help you to manage your health and wellbeing.

You might want to read books, magazines and articles, listen to podcasts, watch films or do puzzles or play games.

Perhaps you can learn something, such as a foreign language or other new skills.

It is important to find what works best for you and to make time for relaxation, as well.

We've listed some websites below which you might want to visit.


Learn something new

OpenLearn (Open University) - a selection of free online courses

FutureLearn - a selection of free online courses

TED Talks (also on YouTube) - online talks about 'ideas worth spreading'


Reading, colouring and crafts

Audible - a selection of free audiobooks for all ages

Crayola - a selection of free colouring pages

David Walliams ‘Elevenses’ - a free audiobook each day for 30 days


Museums, concerts, music and more

BBC Music (also on YouTube) - live performances, interviews and podcasts

Google Arts and Culture - visit museums and galleries from around the world through your web-browser

Online performances:


Last updated: 06/04/2020